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М., You are the organizer and ideological inspirer of the mAsters' shop “OP-position”. What is the content of your work and what attracts you to it?

mAsters' shop “OP-position” was organized in 2002. At the time a new niche, previously not in demand, emerged in the market. Russians began to recover from the aftermath of the default of 1998, and stability is always characterized by a growing number of registered marriages. But sophisticated people were already tired of the banalities that adhered to the ceremony of a family creation, they intuitively wanted something new, but didn't know what can be done and how it can be done. We tried to offer such people our vision of the situation. And absolutely accidentally, we found several brave couples who entrusted such important an event as wedding to us – the result came up to expectations. Actually to meet and fulfill dreams of grooms and brides coming to us - it is the very job of mAsters. What attracts us? When we do manage to realize peoples' dreamsAttraction is the fact that when we do manage to achieve it, the wedded couple remains very grateful.

A possibility to constantly do something new is also attractive. We try to choose an unique, specific concept for every couple, to find new sites for celebration – in 2007, besides Moscow weddings, we successfully held 5 projects abroad and 7 out-of-Moscow events in Russia.

I am attracted by participation of highly skilled professionals in the team.

Why are all members of your agency called masters?